Inspired by the tale of three Englishmen who had undertaken the longest cab ride around the world in 2011, Christopher James Jolly designed a customized trip where he personally chauffeurs travelers around Europe — Million-Dollar Cab. With exclusive, personal service, this trip takes travelers on an exploration of Europe’s cultures, countries, food, wine and more.

“The variety of Europe is so much greater than some continents and it is clearer and clearer when driving, as opposed to other forms of transport,” says Jolly.

This 90-day, $1 million experience is “for people whose horizons have not been fully satisfied and want to open new channels and have unforgettable experiences,” says Jolly. “Boredom can lead to depression and this European trip would stimulate the soul, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity, distinguishing itself from other vacations/trips.”

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