As a popular design for interiors, geometric styles help to create a versatile and vibrant look for any room.

Embracing this trend, Walker Zanger tiles’ feature dramatic patterns, angles, lines and crisp shapes that transform any interior.

Absolute Geometry

Geometric shapes add a sense of character to any space, bringing the precise nature of mathematics into the realm of boundless creativity. For designers, geometric forms provide a subtle yet distinctive boost to an environment, deftly altering it through the use of defined angles, dramatic lines and angular shapes. For those looking to maneuver the relative arrangement of different design elements, geometric shapes are an ideal way to call attention to the positions of forms and the properties of space.


Inspired by the intricate designs of richly colored marbles that were the hallmark of Imperial Byzantium and Rome, Walker Zanger re-interpreted the historical sources in colors and shapes suited for use in contemporary interiors, reaching a balance between antique opulence and modern geometry. Offered in soothing combinations of blue and pure white as well as richly veined white and red, with accents of silver or gold leaf, Byzantium offers decorative options for myriad styles and applications.


The Tangent collection pushes the limits of stone-cutting technology. From the “depth-defying” 3D look of Facet and Prism to the classic Vector and Brick, Tangent offers 15 different mosaic patterns for a unique collection that speaks a new design dialect. The geometric nature of the designs come through in their names alone, such as the mid-century-inspired Ripple, Apex, Zephyr, Merge and Ipanema, along with the delicate Honeycomb, Hive and Chevron. The colors of the Tangent collection vary from light to dark and warm to cool, reaching a comfortable middle ground in ash gray.

Villa d’Oro

Villa d’Oro brings a sense of cultural heritage to stone mosaic and intarsia decorations with a stunning collection of patterns influenced by diverse Mediterranean cultures, each of which included and then built upon the influences of its predecessor. With this in mind, delicate complementing field tiles evoke their historical backgrounds. At home in residential, commercial, retail and hospitality applications alike, all Villa d’Oro tiles are painstakingly cut and assembled, creating new decorative art to enliven any modern surrounding.

Studio Moderne

Studio Moderne reflects Californian architectural influences, including Hollywood Regency, Art Deco and Classic Modernism. With this inspiring collection of stone and ceramic tiles, homeowners and designers are now able to use distinctive pieces of architectural decoration as new focal points by incorporating crisp white marble, blue marble and serene steel gray limestone.

Photos courtesy of Walker Zanger