When the weather is warm, it is important that luxury homeowners have a backyard suitable for entertaining — whether it is to host an intimate family gathering or a large celebration with friends.

With spring in full force, it’s time to say hello to outdoor picnics, long days spent in the pool, and family barbecues.

In order to refresh your backyard in time for spring, we explore a few quick tips that will help your space to feel both luxurious, yet livable.


Whether it is a complete outdoor living room and a full-service kitchen, or a small table with chairs and an arrangement of delicate metal benches, ample outdoor seating is a must-have.

Photos courtesy of Garden Trading (above featured image, left image and image to the right) and designbotschaft GmbH (middle)

Featuring a three-seater sofa and two armchairs, the Colwell Sofa Set creates a lightweight aesthetic whilst also offering comfort. The set will look striking beside a pool, on a decking area or patio to sit and relax during the warmer months.


On chilly spring nights, a stylish fire pit or outdoor fireplace can provide some much needed warmth while it also improves the design appeal of your backyard space.

Solus Decor’s Elevated Halo Fire Table fit well into a wide variety of outdoor environments, with their clean profiles and soft curves.

Photos courtesy of Solus Decor


String lights and lanterns help to create a relaxing ambiance perfect for entertaining all evening long.

Torche, by Les Jardins Solar Lighting, merges modern sensibility with versatile design. Torche is the ultimate outdoor accessory, especially when used as an upgraded version of a tiki torch to light darkened pathways.

Photo courtesy of Lights4fun (left) and Les Jardins Solar Lighting (middle & right)


When enjoying an evening outdoors, it is important that your guests are able to enjoy the smell of fresh greenery and blooming flowers. Be sure to include a ton of plants and flowers throughout your backyard space.

Photo courtesy of Lights4fun