A new trend is emerging in new developments — less artwork, more greenery.

By Alyssa Gautieri

Photo courtesy of Redundant Pixel

Developers are beginning to replace artwork in lobbies with viewing atrium gardens and living green walls. Ridding lobbies of traditional artwork, developers are instead creating art in the form of greenery and landscape. Greenery is a fresh, new way to the grab attention of residents upon entry.

Here are some properties that are embracing this emerging trend:


With an atrium that extends from the second floor lobby to the cellar, this property in Hell’s Kitchen is welcoming residents with a unique, beautiful view. Inspired by Japanese Gardens and designed by Future Green Studio, this atrium features a green wall and a lush viewing garden with pre-historic plants.

Photo courtesy of Moso Studio

507 West Chelsea

This beautiful property combines nature with design motifs of the High Line to create a welcoming first impression. Designed by Ismael Leyva Architects, the development’s living green wall adds a pop of color and natural element to the lobby.

Photo courtesy of Ismael Leyva Architects


360 East 89th Street has plans to create a green wall — an idea by Clodagh, the building’s interior designer — behind a burnished-steel and oak reception desk. An scupper that splashes water into a pool and stepped slabs of limestone will create a garden-like feeling in the lobby.

Photo courtesy of Redundant Pixel