Hastings Tile & Bath adds 3 exclusive designs from Ceramica Bardelli to their New York showroom.

“We’ve had a relationship with the Ceramica Bardelli company for years, since the 1970s,” said Kevin Mashia, director of tile products at Hastings Tile & Bath. “We appreciate their ability to stand apart from other tile manufacturers by collaborating with world renowned designers like Fornasetti, Wanders and Dawson. They’ve done more to elevate design in tiles than almost any other brand and we are all so pleased to be introducing these collections to our customers.”

Designers worldwide are familiar with one of their most classic collaborators: Piero Fornasetti, whose Machinne Volanti series is again being offered exclusively through Hastings Tile & Bath’s showroom. However, Hasting is unveiling three new collections, comprised of two new designs by Marcel Wanders and one from Robert Dawson.


Wanders’ two collections, SOFIA and EVE, are each a collection of interior floor and wall, rectified, hand-painted porcelain tiles. SOFIA is available in five color varieties with a matte finish. The designs are created with a laser-engraved silicone roller press, ensuring that no two tiles are exactly alike. The EVE collection is produced using double firing techniques and hand painting on a matte background. The decorations are available in five color variations and as a solid color.




Robert Dawson designed the third collection, the ARIANNA ORO. The ARIANNA ORO includes a collection of double-fired wall tiles including 12 mixed patterns and four single patterns made with a precious pure gold silkscreen print on a background of matte white, glossy white or glossy black. All the patterns can be freely rotated and randomly combined, or arranged on the basis of an intentional sequence, permitting countless different laying solutions.


Hastings also introduced the TANGRAM collection, which was designed by Atelier Bardelli, a designer for Ceramica Bardelli. The Atelier brand represents the vast wealth of culture, knowledge and manufacturing expertise of Ceramica Bardelli. The collection involves the random mixing and matching of geometric shapes that unexpectedly slash and punctuate the space.

All of these collections and more can be seen at the Hastings Tile & Bath showroom in the A&D building in New York City.

Photos courtesy of  Hastings Tile & Bath