Photos credit: Rebecca Gaddis, Genevieve Daniell, Jonathan Garza 

As a participatory event to kick off Art Month in Austin, T.X., renowned art curator Lana Carlson and real estate expert Leslie Gossett at Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty, recently launched HOUSE OF L, an experiential art company that produces unique, weekend-long “pop-up” art events.

The company was a way for Carlson and Gossett to combine their individual passions and strengths in high-end art and luxury real estate. The result turned into a multi-city pop-up showcase concept that benefits both artists and home sellers alike.  

“We created HOUSE OF L to produce exceptional pop-up art events for our clients and partners across the country,” says Carlson, who is a curator as well as co-founder of former POP Austin. “At HOUSE OF L, we bring together culture, worldly people, unparalleled art, unique music and specially curated food and beverage for a weekend experience to remember.”

In partnership with various branches of Sotheby’s International Realty offices around the country, HOUSE OF L will bring together art lovers from all walks of life in exceptionally beautiful properties, curated with art from all around the world.

The company will also partner with additional lifestyle brands throughout the upcoming year to create, produce and execute these on-brand art experiences in cities like Miami, Aspen, Los Angeles, Dallas and Austin.

“Using our experience in artist relations, management and curation, we’ve perfected the alliance between art event production and sales,” states Leslie Gossett, who acts as founder of L Design & Staging as well as Broker Associate at Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. “HOUSE OF L combines engaging programming with a series of events where our art (and oftentimes, our artists) are tangible to our guests. Our concept is further supported by our sophisticated e-commerce platform. By offering original artwork found exclusively on the HOUSE OF L website, we create a community of collectors and emerging artists that will pave the way for future online art sales.”

Notable local artists participated at the company’s local launch, showcased at The Sky Lounge of The Catherine Tower in Austin, including award-winning musician Bob Schneider, Ysabel LeMay, Brandon Mike, Caitlin G. McCollom and other art collectors and residents of The Tower.

Other special guests included LA-based Ugo Nonis and Las Vegas-based Mallory Dawn who, among other artists and residents, experienced HOUSE OF L’s preview into the luxury artworks specially curated, an experience further enhanced by the dedication of the company’s founders.

“I’ve watched Leslie and Lana’s immaculate work for the last few years. … Their fresh and creative approach to these events, organization and relationships with emerging creatives from around the world truly makes for an unforgettable and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.”

Harry J. Kuper

President, President, Kuper Sotheby's International Realty