Whether it’s with a large walk-in closet, over-the-top bathroom or cozy living area, the master bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep. Focused on a well-rounded luxurious lifestyle, these tips will bring your master suite to the next level.

Photo by Shay Velich | Room Resolutions

Create a Place to Unwind

Add elegance to a space by placing an armchair in the corner of a bedroom, and complete it with a matching throw pillow. Throw pillows offer the perfect opportunity for a pop of color, from shiny, burnt orange to textured, mint blue. If there is space to do so, homeowners may even choose to recreate a living area in their master suite — complete with a full-size couch, coffee table and fireplace.

Merging warm colors with comforting textures, this master suite — located within Harford Manor, a 40-acre estate near Windsor, Berkshire — exemplifies a luxury lifestyle without sacrificing that “homey” feel.

This bedroom, designed by Room Resolutions, creates balance using mint throw pillows and sleek, white chairs. 

Photo (above) by Shay Velich | Room Resolutions

Photo (left) courtesy of Quada

Design with Self Care in Mind

Whether it’s with a spa-like bathtub, refreshing rain shower or relaxing sauna, master baths are all about embracing luxury in 2018. As self-care increasingly becomes a priority, homeowners are spending nearly just as much time in their bathrooms as their bedrooms. In turn, the bathroom is becoming a higher priority among interior designers — with new additions including faux greenery, backlit mirrors and creative storage.

Photo courtesy of Quada

Get Creative with Storage

Complete with sleek coat hooks and organized cubbies for boots and pocketbooks, this walk-in closet merges the need for storage with stylish design. Using orange accents, modern lighting and neutral colors, this space is about more than just function. With bright lighting and ample seating space, designers are redefining the closet — transforming them from a functional storage area into a stylish place to spend time.

Photo courtesy of Quada