Whether you’re moving into your dream house or staging a home for the perfect buyer, the often forgotten bed is a great opportunity for a personal touch.

Throw Pillow and Pops of Color

Photo courtesy of The French Bedroom Co.

Throw pillows and throw blankets are the perfect way to include a pop of color that you can mix and match. Deciding on a simple or neutral comforter makes it easy to switch up the style and theme of your bedroom. Colorful blankets and decorative pillows can change as easily as the seasons.

Don’t Forget the Headboard

Photo courtesy of Sweetpea & Willow

The headboard is the missing touch that can pull your whole room together. You don’t have to shy away from bold colors, fabrics or textures when it comes to your bed frame or headboard. A fabric covered headboard can soften your space. An architectural or modern headboard can create a nice contrast between featherlike comforters and unexpected materials like metal or wood.

Layer Up

Photo courtesy of MADE.COM

Layers can add complexity to your style while adding comfort. The extra blankets and pillows can transform your bed into an oasis of fluff and feathers. This is an opportunity to be unexpected with textures and fabrics. Layering creates combinations that can suddenly take your bed to the next level. 

Add Some Fun

Photo courtesy of Sophie Allport

Don’t be afraid to be whimsical when styling your bed. Embrace the finer comforts in life and let your bedding reflect your personality. Fun, colorful fabrics and designs will make your bed a sanctuary of your personal taste.

Dark and Light

Photo courtesy of Brabbu Design Forces

Depending on your individual style, you may appreciate a darker, more calming atmosphere for your room. In this case, try a blend of muted and cooler shades, such as dark blues, greens, grays, and even black. A light touch of warmth, such as a throw pillow creates a surprising yet mellow tone. Similarly, if you prefer an open and light atmosphere, don your mattress with a neutral but light comforter and throw in a few surprise tones that are darker and draw the eye.

Featured image courtesy of more than ever.