Partnering with icons from the design and architecture industry, CITCO — an Italian stone company — has created an impressive home and office collection.

Created in 1990, CITCO continues to reimagine the perception of marble with revolutionary partnerships alongside Zaha Hadid Design, Ora ïto, Daniel Libeskind and Arik Levy.

Zaha Hadid Design

Zaha Hadid Design presents the Malea Coffee Table, with the idea of a spiraling seashell at the heart of the design. Despite being carved from a block of onyx, the table appears malleable with sweeping lines and fluid shape. The transparent acrylic material that is paired with the onyx adds to the complexity of the piece.

Ora ïto

The Isa Coffee Table, designed by Ora ïto, also has a sculptural look with bold and curving lines that draw the eye. The table is reminiscent of a table designed by Isamu Noguchi in 1947, but with a clear sense of the new designer.

Arik Levy

Arik Levy brings us Negative Spaces, a new series of vases that are available in three different shapes and sizes. With the impression that the pieces have movement, the vases work together to create an energy and depth. The materials are semi-polished Onice Cappuccino, capturing a sense of warmth in nature.

Daniel Libeskind

Using sculpture as inspiration for furniture, Daniel Libeskind reveals his Endless Side Table. The piece plays with perception and is multi-functional, quenching the thirst for art and function. A unique viewpoint and manipulation of space, light, and lines have brought a three-dimensional spiral into the home and office space.

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