Mountain-Modern Design

From cozy getaway bungalows to spacious retreats for epic gatherings, this inspiring collection of mountain-modern homes is redefining what it means to live amongst nature.

Nakoma Resort, located just a 45 scenic miles north of Truckee in a vast landscape of mountains and lakes, has debuted Ascend at Nakoma. These luxe modular homes are the result of a unique collaboration between Grouparchitect, Method Homes and Mark Tanner Construction.


In addition to utilizing the latest in green manufacturing principles and boasting generous indoor/outdoor living, each home was designed with mountain-modern style in mind. With the increasingly popularity of mountain-modern design, we spoke with Greg Traxler, SagePoint sales director, to explore the trend further.

Can you define what “mountain-modern” style means to you?


Creating a connection to natural settings and embracing the outdoors. We have large windows to let the outside in along with generous outdoor living spaces. Building homes that utilize the latest in green manufacturing principles is key too. Our interior program for our turnkey offerings are designed and furnished by RH, Restoration Hardware.

How can one merge these two very different concepts: mountain-style and a modern look?


Partnering with our design and construction teams has helped create exciting blends of styles and materials to create the mountain-style and modern look. They are all firms very much in touch with the delivering residences that are stylish, fitting and comfortable.

Why do you think this type of design is popular right now?


Mountain modern has emerged as today’s most popular architectural style, widely adopted across the U.S., not only in the mountains but also all resort and urban settings.

What are some elements that are essential to creating this style?


These residences are decorated and customized by the Nakoma team and Restoration Hardware. The furniture and accessories from the Restoration Hardware design team reflect the very best in today’s trend setting market — all tailored for practicality and durability, but also to be warm and inviting in every season.