Originally launched in 2010 as a designer and product lab, Ecuadorian design brand Sensi Studio is known for crossing into bolder territories when it comes to fashion. The brand’s use of color and intricate, artisanal products from its summer and fall collections are making statements within the industry, all by the innovative thinking of owner and designer Stephany Sensi.

Sensi, who studied Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, takes much inspiration from her surroundings. Many designed pieces showcase a deep appreciation for Ecuadorian artistry and the natural landscapes of Massai Mara in Africa, blending the tribal aesthetic with the brand’s South American vibe. The studio’s upcoming collection highlights both warm and cool tones for the summer and fall, offering a more natural, down-to-earth approach. “We always take inspiration from nature and the colors that surround us here in the Andes region where we produce,” says Sensi. These sparks of creativity from the Andes are demonstrated through the mixture of strong color palettes and softer, feminine tones.

The studio also consistently works with local artisans to learn more about the surrounding natural landscape and new techniques to develop more unique designs in all of its handmade products. “My goal is to stay true to our identity and DNA while being current, fresh, and innovative,” Sensi affirms. These efforts have not only helped women in Andean communities claim job independence, but have have instilled a sense of social responsibility that has spread to 15 countries. Sensi Studio offers artisanal concepts through a current approach to entice fashion-savy clientele.