Sometimes the most creative ideas are born from a challenge. This is definitely the case for Elnaz Namaki of Elnaz Namaki Studio. Namaki and her designers found it difficult to source original and fun pieces for their design projects that were also comfortable and made to the highest quality.


Sensing this niche in the market, Namaki created the “Luuna Collection,” an assortment of bespoken furniture that “distinguished itself in that people would feel and connect with it and therefore always remember it.”

“Luuna” takes its name and design philosophy from the moon, a universal constant with a symbolic connection to time and place, according to Namaki. The style and sculpted shapes of the collection are further inspired by mid-century designs, as well as strongly inspired by hygge, the heart of Danish culture.

Namaki notes that she wanted to create furniture that embodied this concept and pieces that are designed to evoke an ambience. The core of the collection, however, is the textured shearling, or sheepskin, on each of the pieces that creates a feeling of cosiness and warmth. The shearling also proved to be another challenge for the studio, Namaki says, as it took a lot of experimenting to find the right consistency to work with.

“[Shearling] is a unique and very special material to use for upholstery that requires precision and skill to create straight joints by hand,” she says. The designers also worked with specializing English craftsmen throughout the process when shaping and crafting the wood frames, combining both traditional and modern techniques to create detailed furniture pieces with meticulous attention. Just as soft are the colors on each of the seven furniture pieces and five cushions from the collection, classic shades that fit with most interior spaces while also remaining subtly bold.

“I think the “Luuna” collection can fit in every home as the style, colors and shapes are timeless and constant,” Namaki remarks. “[These] pieces make iconic and playful centerpieces in every home. They are designed for anyone who believes their home tells the story of who they are.”


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