Ketra, the smart LED lighting system, is now integrating with the Amazon Alexa, making Ketra the first architectural-grade lighting system to enter the smart home market.


Unique to Ketra is its shift in lighting depending on the time of day, switching from white light by morning to warm light by dusk. Homeowners choose Ketra for its ability to simulate sunlight throughout the day, and with the addition of home automation capabilities, Ketra is now elevating the overall customer experience.

Ketra is the innovative light system chosen by companies like Buzzfeed, Vice and Whole Foods, and now is partnering with Amazon. Though, high-end homeowners also have the opportunity to introduce the transient lighting system to their homes as well.

Lutron Electronics, a leader in smart lighting and shading solutions, recently acquired Ketra. The acquisition was most appropriate, according to Ed Blair, Lutro’s senior vice president. “This acquisition allows Lutron to take care of its customers with the most comprehensive portfolio of light control solutions in the industry,” he said, “Moreover, it uniquely positions Lutron for the greatest success in the market’s areas of growth, like simulated natural light, smart homes and buildings and tunable white.”

Ketra lights are compatible with the Lutron HomeWorks total home control system, as well as with the Lutron Quantum total light management system.

“Technology is truly the driving force at Ketra — we’re continually working to optimize how users experience, control, and benefit from Ketra lights,” said Nav Sooch, advisor for Ketra. “With this growth in our product portfolio, we look forward to expanding our reach in the residential market and equipping homes with the highest quality light, now easier than ever to use.”

He continued, reinforcing that “not all light is created equal. Ketra gives you that perfect, crisp white during the day, and soft, amber glow in the evening. Now with home automation, the benefits of Ketra are beyond wellness and aesthetics — the user experience is streamlined, whether you want to control your lights remotely or using voice commands. It’s the full package.”


Photos courtesy of Jessica Ayromloo