The Scandinavian design aesthetic continues to take the world by storm, from the cozy comfort of hygge to the inspiring minimalism of the trend itself. Design experts at Modern Dining Tables, as well as Niki Brantmark, blogger at My Scandinavian Home and author of “Lagom, The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life,” understand this aesthetic well, and how it plays into improves a room’s design and decor, particularly dining areas. With minimal furniture, soft color palettes and harmonious shapes and materials, the Scandinavian style is an excellent choice to soothe your dining room.

Back to Basics

Wooden furniture and surfaces are the most common among the style, portraying a sense of simple elegance that is nature-based. Some of these surfaces and finishes include light grey marble or wood counters and kitchen equipment like wooden chopping boards, says Brantmark. This choice brings warmth into the home, as well as any other plant life added to the room that naturally revives the space.

To complement the natural wood touches, a soft color palette is also needed in order to create a “sleek, clean, organized look,” according to Brantmark. Designers at Modern Dining Tables also suggest more refined colors, such as mixing natural wood or darker metallics with white or rose gold. Alternatively, also suggested are black accent pieces, in order to give life to the room by making a modern contrast and letting the natural wood shine.

Minimalism and Organization

In order to fully commit to this style in your dining space, the layout of a Scandinavian kitchen often portrays a sense of minimalism, both in style and organization. To keep the look clean and streamlined, Brantmark suggests both open and closed storage options in the form of kitchen cabinets and drawers. “You need to be able to hide the clutter but ensure items you need regularly are at hand,” she adds.

Other ways to convey this sense of sophisticated simplicity can be shown in the furniture and lighting pieces displayed. Suggested by Modern Dining Tables, industrial-style lighting fixtures are highlighted examples, as “metal is never out of fashion” and gracefully complements other aspects of the aesthetic. In regards to furniture, large tables with simplistic, matching chairs work well in these spaces, as they are warm and inviting and further allow for a informal place for people to gather and socialize.

“I love that this look is calm and fresh yet has a balanced, warm and inviting feel about it too,” Brantmark remarks. “Kitchens are known as the ‘engine room’ of the house. It’s where people gather socially so it’s important people are drawn to the area and feel comfortable.

Photography by Niki Brantmark
Design by Tina Lekeberg