To gain maximum exercise benefits from their home pool and spa complexes, homeowners are seeking out powerful swim training systems.

Luxury swimming pool design and build company Aqua Platinum has began to research this trend’s growth.

“There’s been a huge increase in demand for counter current swimming technology in the past few months, as more and more people come to recognise the health benefits of these systems,” says Dominic Searle, the business development manager at Aqua Platinum.

Ideal for swimmers who want to build up their core strength and endurance, swimming training systems create powerful currents within pools, plus they can be installed in pools of almost any size.

By swimming against the current, individuals can benefit from an enhanced workout that is incredibly low-impact on the joints. Counter current swimming also speeds up the metabolism and elongates the muscles.

Celebrities including Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston swear by swimming when it comes to keeping their A-list bodies in shape.

“It’s not just celebrities who can achieving amazing muscle tone and overall fitness levels as a result of swimming,” says Searle. “Counter current systems mean that anyone can instantly improve the health benefits of their swimming pool, turning what is already a great form of exercise into something even more effective and enjoyable.”

Most of those with high-end pools tend to opt for swim training systems like the JetStream TriVa, which looks beautifully sleek and stylish. The system suits a wide range of swimming abilities and levels, from beginner to professional level training.

At Newlands Manor in Dorset, the counter current training system is suitable for athletic level swim training.

The JetStream TriVa appeals to a range of swimming abilities.

Photos courtesy of Aqua Platinum Designs and TriVa