The top pool trends from Mountainscapers Landscape & Design are in for this summer, 2017. Mountainscapers offers a variety of services for new or contemporary pools, such as waterfalls, fire fountains, and flowing creeks, to name a few.


Knife-Edge Design

An upgrade from the ever popular infinity edge design, the knife-edge shares the same negative drop-off characteristics without the necessity of an overhanging ledge. Ideal for every backyard and even smaller pools, knife-edge design can accommodate any flat-surfaced area.

Accentuated Lighting

LED lights can push a pool over the top and are very suitable for swimming after dusk. Lighting systems can even be programed to change color, depending on the look one desires. 

Fire Features

Fire and water features are a vivid addition and can add depth to a backyard atmosphere, while setting the tone of the landscape. Fully functional, and optimal for warming up after a swim, these features enhance and accentuate the characteristics of the pool.

Outdoor Amenities

Bringing the indoors outdoors is a a very popular trend this year. Outdoor kitchens, seating areas and areas to entertain and relax in are must-haves for a modern and engaging backyard. 

Photos courtesy of Mountainscapers Landscape & Design.