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How to Style your Bed

Throw pillows and throw blankets are the perfect way to include a pop of color that you can mix and match. Deciding on a simple or neutral comforter makes it easy to switch up the style and theme of your bedroom. Colorful blankets and decorative pillows can change as easily as the seasons.

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Ignite Your Space

The fireplace is so much more than an accent today. A crackling fire has become a central point of design in some rooms, a conversation starter, and a gathering place within the home. Transform your home with these stylish and modern trends.

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Be Distinct at Dinner

Small ceramic studios are making an impact with fun designs and a distinct unique feeling for each table. Studios such as Julie Spako’s, Grey Suit Clay, and SkandiHus in London are attracting buyers who crave handmade items you won’t find in bulk.

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Creating Timeless Interiors

Whether it’s designer fashion from Paris, colorful fabrics throughout India or architecture in The Hamptons, interior designer Birgit (“Bee”) Klein is constantly drawing inspiration from destinations across the globe.

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