This article originally appeared in the Summer 2017 edition of The High End magazine. For more information about The High End, click here.

Known for the classic-modern style that has distinguished her designs since 1994, Adriana Hoyos knew that for the 10th collection by Adriana Hoyos Furnishings, she wanted to break boundaries. To produce a bold collection that fuses timeless elegance with elements of modern architecture, Hoyos teamed up with someone who could inject the perspective of the “new generation” into the design process — her daughter, Andrea Perez.

By Sarah Binder

The first-time collaboration married Hoyos’ experience and knowledge with Perez’s refreshing and cutting-edge perspective. They dubbed their creative development process, “Passing on the DNA.”

The phrase is a fitting description for the new TEN Collection, which draws inspiration from Mid-Century Modernism, “particularly the innovative architectural trends that emerged from design pioneers Oscar Niemeyer and Dame Zaha Hadid,” explains Hoyos. “By reviving and reinventing the design style from this era, we developed new products that blend strong architectural qualities with flexible, free-flowing figures found in nature (curves made by waves in the ocean, the winding trail made by rivers, etc.).”

The collection redefines the Quito, Ecuador-headquartered design house’s look by applying avant-garde concepts to classic designs in products including furniture, daybeds, vertical cushioned arm sofas, upholstered chairs, ottomans, and cocktail tables. Yet, Hoyos notes, her clients’ evolving needs were a driving factor in the design process: “Aside from being innovative, each piece should also be practical, comfortable, and durable.

“The TEN Collection delivers concepts that transform the design panorama for furniture, proving that the reinvention of mid-century elegance never goes out of style,” says Hoyos.

TEN Cocktail Table


“With its striking metallic finish and glass top, the TEN cocktail table adds an extra dose of refinement to any room. The unique geometric figures and smooth angles in its base are symbols of this tenth collection and convey elegance, modernism, and a new approach on design.”

TEN Dining Table


“We adopted a sculptural approach in the design of the dining table. Our main attention was achieving the right movement, which is accomplished when a structure has the right balance and equilibrium. The window-like spaces between the base forms convey translucent lightness, while the sturdiness of wood adds the needed stability. It can be customized with a round or squared base.”

TEN Side Chair


“An ergonomic chair, beautiful and functional. Its organic form is complemented with metal accents that dress its legs, while the back is decorated with new hardware from the TEN Collection and gives way to a lower space that accentuates its delicate curves.”

TEN Upholstered Chair


“The details of this chair give it a grand presence and character: a hierarchical back, elegant metallic heels adorning its legs, and a unique silhouette that transforms it into an exquisite piece of design. Metallic accents in the past were used to add resistance in the structure, but now are used as an elegant accent, while the shape represents an architectonic interpretation of works that inspired the collection.”

Photos courtesy Chris Falconi