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Vintage Makes a Comeback

Designers and homeowners alike are beginning to use online marketplaces, such as Ruby Lane, to search for one-of-a-kind, antique pieces — buying anything from delicate vases to large, kitchen tables.

Let Nature Do The Talking

Whether you choose to enjoy a peaceful nap in the hammock, a quiet cup of coffee in the morning, or a relaxing bath while gazing at the ocean, a beautifully-designed beach home is the perfect place to indulge.

Artists Display Unique Style

Serving as the go-to destination for both first-timers and experienced art collectors, Martin Lawrence Galleries feature original and unique works from masters including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso.

Luxury Developments Embrace Outdoor Dining

Private terraces with al fresco eating spaces not only offer a unique setting for entertaining and barbecuing, but also a relaxing, peaceful environment. Dilip Barot, founder and CEO of Creative Choice Group — the developers behind Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, understands the importance of designing a development with outdoor space in mind.