Finding a Unique Home is only the beginning of creating The Unique Lifestyle. From the latest high-end designers to cutting-edge products and services, we offer sophisticated coverage for upscale consumers.

Posh and Pre-Loved

Almost everyone in the business would be hard pressed even to utter the word “used,” instead opting for pre-owned, pre-loved, gently worn and secondhand.

How to Style your Bed

Throw pillows and throw blankets are the perfect way to include a pop of color that you can mix and match. Deciding on a simple or neutral comforter makes it easy to switch up the style and theme of your bedroom. Colorful blankets and decorative pillows can change as easily as the seasons.

Rugs Inspired by Nature

Whether it is displaying the strength of the sea, representing the beauty of individual creatures, or depicting the uniqueness of a forest, these beautifully designed rugs were inspired by nature.

Boxes Worthy of Your Bling

As jewelry owners begin to amass a collection of fine adornments, there becomes a need for a place to keep their valuables organized and protected from potential damage.

Meeting the Carry-On Challenge

Founder of Travel Fashion Girl Alexandra Jimenez’s style of travel combines with her fashion/business background and has helped her shape her best tips and tricks to travel with just a carry-on.

HushHush: ‘Amazon for Millionaires’

With a catalog of more than 200,000 luxury goods from all around the world, brought together in hand curated collections and categories, launches as the largest collection of luxury goods and services.

California Faucets Back at it with ‘Bath Time’

Following the success of Tub Filler Fever, which went viral in the industry, and Aqua Pella, which won multiple marketing awards, Bath Time is the latest in an evolving series of light-hearted kitchen and bath videos from California Faucets.

You Can Eat The Rainbow

When social media marketer Lucia Litman moved to California, she was blown away by the colorful variety of fresh produce that was now available to her.