Luxxu, hitting the market of luxury lighting in 2015, is looking to bring unique Portuguese design to the global market. CEO of Luxxu, João Barros, discusses what is coming next for this brand and why this is a project of which he is proud.

Barros defines Luxxu as a luxury lighting brand, which later expanded into the luxury furniture market. “Today, the brand is separating the two concepts in two different brands, Luxxu Modern Lamps and Luxxu Home,” he said, a huge move for the company.

In a sea of luxury interior design brands, Luxxu is defined by its unique aesthetic. “Thanks to the timeless aesthetic that does not follow trends, the brand is gaining its place in the luxury furniture market,” said Barros.    

Though Luxxu is a very recent brand, it has several defined bestsellers, most coming from the Empire collection. There are several other projects that Barros is very proud Luxxu has completed, from designs in Victoria Secret’s Bali to Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

Luxxu also collaborated with well-known luxury brand Swarovski to incorporate its crystals into some designs. Teaming up with this established brand is great news to Barros. “This exclusive consumer can consider us a trustworthy brand,” he said, “This partnership has a lot of unexplored potential that we will explore for Luxxu Modern Lamps.”

Reaching 3 million euros in sales as of last year, Luxxu’s value is exceptionally high for a new brand. Barros attributes the success to the marketers, the large focus on target markets, and the available customization options for clients. “Hours spent studying of the best strategies to grow in the design world have helped us to bring our unique designs to such an exclusive target,” he said.

In the future, Barros predicts many new releases for both branches of the brand. “In 2020, I foresee that the brand will reach high values in sales very superior to those we hit last year,” Barros said. “I also see in the future of the brand, stores or showrooms fully decorated by Luxxu. The entire Luxxu team sees the brand with a strong position in the luxury market.”


Photos courtesy of Luxxu