The High End 2017

In 2011, we at Unique Homes had an idea for a direct-mail magazine to help luxury real estate agents burnish their credentials with affluent consumers and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

First, we decided that the magazine had to look like the agent’s personal magazine, and so we allowed customization on all covers.

Second, we developed editorial content focused solely on people, products and services associated with the luxury lifestyle. Top-name designers, the most-expensive sports cars, glamorous new products for the home, and one-of-a-kind travel opportunities are among the subjects that found their way into the pages of the magazine.



Finally, we built exclusivity into the distribution strategy. Once an agent provided us with a name for their mailing list, that name “belonged” to them alone, as long as they continued with the program; no consumer would receive a copy of the magazine from multiple agents.

In the fall of 2011, The High End was launched, and it immediately became an integral part of the marketing of top agents throughout the United States and Canada.

As we are about to enter our 7th year of producing The High End, we are making some changes that we feel will shine an even bigger spotlight on you and your luxury business…

A Fresh New Look

We’ve created some beautiful covers over the years, and we will continue to do just that going forward. But it’s also time for something new.


a sleek, updated front cover redesigned to better accentuate you, the agent. The agent photo area is larger and has more impact than it did before. Plus, your name at the top of the cover page stands out more against a white background, accentuating the perception that this is your personal magazine.

For the first time,

the cover image can be customized by you. This allows you to feature one of your listings on the cover of your copies of The High End.

For those High End advertisers on contract who do 500 or more copies per issue, we will waive the fee to customize the front cover image. High End advertisers who do less than 500 copies can customize the cover image for only $300.

With the Table of Contents moved to the subsequent pages, the magazine’s inside front cover also puts more focus on you, with a larger headshot and more space for contact info…



…next to a beautiful image that embodies the theme of the issue.

And, if you choose to feature one of your listings on the front cover, you can take advantage of a new Inside Front Cover template that includes space to promote the cover property with an additional photo and descriptive copy.

Did we mention

a new 2-page Table of Contents to showcase the scope of editorial content found in the magazine?

The One Thing That Won't Change...

…the high level of quality that we bring to the editorial itself — how it reads and how it looks!


In a marketplace driven by perception, you need to constantly reinforce your luxury credentials to both existing and prospective clients. Tap into the power of high-quality direct mail, and take your business to new heights.

Associate your personal brand with all that is high end.