Meant to add that perfect finishing touch, accent pieces carry an important weight when it comes to completing a room’s design, from the size of a mirror or its frame to the brightness of matching lamps. High-end brand Frontgate understands the impact these items have on a space and offers an assortment of essential furnishings that bring that space together.



Finding the perfect accent mirror means finding the balance between functionality and beauty. If function is the priority, Frontgate offers pieces that keep this balance in mind. From the tropical Marigot Shell Mirror or the Temple Chinoiserie Wall Mirror, both optimal for spaces like bath vanities or entryways, beauty no longer has to be sacrificed.  

For Frontgate it’s all about making a statement, according to a brand representative, while also working with the space given. A perfect example is the Duchamps floor mirror. From the dressing room to the living room, this large floor-to-ceiling mirror with additional storage opens up a space with its reflective surface and creates a visual impact. For even more creative displays, art-inspired pieces like the Intermix Beveled Mirror also open a room and add a bit more interest to a simple space.

Geometric Pendant Lighting

Symmetry is key when it comes to lighting, particularly with pendant lighting options that usually come in twos. Geometric pendants are popular for a number of reasons. The variety of finishes and materials used to create them fit easily into almost any space. From the simple and elegant Maxwell and Tillary lights with metallic gold and brass finishes to the glamorous Aurora pendant, these fixtures have the ability to create a dramatic focal point in rooms that are purposeful on their own.

Velvet Pillows

An ever-widening trend in fashion and home design has been the inclusion of velvet in more ways than one. Particularly with pillows, Frontgate representatives says that “whether made of cotton or silk, crushed or devoré, running your hand along a length of velvet is a sumptuous experience.”

The transformative powers of the fabric are never-ending; a cold house becomes a warm home when a velvet throw is draped over curves, catching the light and bringing a dimensional texture to a piece of furniture or to a room. And while velvet is known for playing well with other fabrics in fashion, it also pairs perfectly with faux fur, brass, glass, marble and more. Scattering some velvet pillows on a neutral-colored couch adds a visual, tactile warmth, perfect for the fall, transforming a simple space to a sophisticated room.

All photos courtesy Frontgate.