Rugged, backyard built tree houses are a thing of the past. These tree houses are sophisticated and spacious, perfect for the young and old alike.

Introducing bespoke luxury tree houses, truly embracing nature and their surroundings while providing quality structure to make childhood dreams a reality, all from UK-based treehouse design and construction firm, Blue Forest. “My brother Andy and I built tree houses as kids,” says Blue Forest Director Simon Payne. “I remember connecting a zip wire to one and spending all our time on it. I remember building a big jungle swing. We were constantly building and expanding.” One project of Payne’s, The Clubhouse, is as a “boundless opportunity for adventure,” with a secret tunnel, a concealed room accessible by a secret door, hidden within a bookcase, and a wireless CCTV (closed-circuit television) security camera system with two Nerf gun armories. Oh, and a zipline.

Alice in Wonderland Tree House — courtesy Blue Forest

At The Water’s Edge Tree House — courtesy Blue Forest

Fibonacci Tree House — courtesy blue forest

Chewton Glen Tree House Lounge — courtesy chewton glen

“We really believe in the excitement, adventure and the imagination you have as a child,” says Payne. “I think that’s why families come to us. They want a space they can all go and escape the normality of life and give space for imagination and adventure.” Luxury resorts are also now incorporating tree house architecture, like Chewton Glen, which has six tree houses just beyond the New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England.

“We were looking to develop family friendly lodges on the estate for those who wanted all the luxuries of the Chewton Glen hotel, without feeling confined to the hotel itself,” says Chewton Glen Managing Director Andrew Stembridge. “We had two design schemes on the table — one more traditional scheme and the tree house scheme. Everyone fell in love with the tree houses.”

Payne and Blue Forest helped design the tree houses, and are excited about their future builds. “Whether for residential or commercial purposes, the tree house experience is completely unique,” says Payne. “It’s a price of a small extension on your house, but a bit more fun.”

Fairytale Castle Tree House
courtesy blue forest