Celebrityhomes.eu recently toured Tommy Hilfiger’s beachfront estate in Golden Beach, Florida, which was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard with an art-pop atmosphere of the late 1960s/early 1970s. At 14,079-square-feet, this expansive property is a museum in itself.


The “part art gallery, part beach house” has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and four half bathrooms. As an homage to Hilfiger’s famous brand, there’s a montage of blue, red and white paneling throughout the home. But that’s not all: Every shade of the rainbow is in this house. And not everything is what you might expect. In fact, there’s fruit wallpaper in several guest bathrooms, which is made out of a scratch-and-sniff material, with one guest bathroom having a wall covered in bananas.

“The Hilfigers had this estate designed to be a glamorous, sexy home where they could showcase their amazing collection of artwork,” said Jill Hertzberg in a press release for The Jills. “This estate is truly a unique, spectacular find in Golden Beach, perfect for the luxury buyer who enjoys upscale, beachfront living.” If Hertzberg’s description strikes your fancy, the home could be all yours for a mere $27.5 million.

Photo credit to celebrityhomes.eu