Whether it’s jewel-like furnishings that light up the room, ornate mirrors as beautiful as brooches or bold, curvaceous furniture shapes, journalist Claire Bingham is taking readers on a luxurious journey around the world in her new book, Living in Style The New Art Deco.

Spanning ritzy venues to sublimely-styled houses, Bingham details spaces that are full of character and individuality. From modern-day glamour to Old World charm, Bingham visits private homes, chic hotels, stylish restaurants and trendy bars to locate and describe truly unique interior spaces. As she travels across the globe, she discovers the talent that goes on behind the scenes of each unique design. 

© Living in Style – The New Art Deco by Claire Bingham, to be published by teNeues in April 2018, $65, www.teneues.com, Design © Greg Natale, Photo © Anson Smart

Sir Joan Hotel, Photo © Amit Geron

Recently published by teNeues in April, Living in Style The New Art Deco is all about 21st-century Deco-inspired interiors. Often labeled as one of the most influential decorative styles of the 20th century, Art Deco-style designs can be described as vivid, glamorous and polished.

Chester Terrace by SHH Architecture & Interior Design Photo © Adam Woodward

Art Deco continues to serve as an inspiration to many designers and homeowners, and Bingham’s work expresses a renewed interest in the style.

The Wolseley Photo © Andrew Burton

The book’s many chapters focus on different facets of Art Deco — including designers, design details, paint palettes and accessories. Exploring so many categories, this book offers a range of Art Deco design ideas and inspiration to help both beginners and experts live in style.

The Arts Club Photo © Martin Morrel