Find the perfect gift for the one who has everything or simply take your desk to the next level with these luxury items.

The Wallpaper STORE is a one-stop shop for gifts, decor, and so much more. With everything from travel and luggage to glassware and furniture, your wishlist is bound to grow, especially after glimpsing these luxury desktop tools. Those who spend a large portion of the day at a desk will love sprucing up their space with some functional but fun desk accessories.

‘Hands On’ tray

Taken from Karen Chekerdjian’s Archetype collection, the tray is made of brass and is perfect for the odds and ends that take up space on your desk. The hand-shaped tray is gold with a shallow palm, which makes the ideal place for stashing paperclips or loose change. The unique shape of the tray is eye-catching and is sure to start a conversation around the office. The tray would also fit nicely on a vanity or dresser as a jewelry dish.

‘Lito’ Magnifying Glass

Give your eyes a break with this memorable magnifying glass. Designed by Elad Yifrach for L’Objet, the magnifying glass is made with brass, glass and 24-karat gold plating. This accessory will make a statement in any room, standing tall as if it is watching over the room. Traditionally, the eye has been a symbol that wards off negativity and it’s now being presented in an elegant and decorative fashion.

Brass Animals

Add a whimsical and welcoming touch to your desk with a variety of small, brass animals. Designed by Mitsumasa Kokubo for Nousaku, the animals are crafted from brass and shine with a mirror finish. Liven up your desk and collect a variety of animals including a hippo, squirrel, pig, rabbit and more. The miniature animals are petit, charming, and loveable.

‘Figure Me’ Drawing Mannequin

Created in collaboration with Hagop Tchatalian for Karen Chekerdjian’s ‘Archetype’ series, the mannequin is equally functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. This addition to your office can be used to start a drawing or to simply draw you in as a sculpture. The brass pieces are hinged together and move smoothly enough to inspire, artist or not. Add the mannequin to any desk and bring life to your workspace.

‘The Sphere’

“The Sphere” comes from a series of office items designed by Sayar Garibeh and is another whimsical yet entirely classic way to store your trinkets and loose ends. The calming shade of blue paired with gold mirror finish can be integrated into almost any style. With two components, the top being removable, The Sphere can also serve as a paperweight, making it multifunctional and stylish.

Tina Paperholder

Created by the design team Baldessari e Baldessari for Luce Di Carrar, this paper holder melds the idea of a simple household item with sleek style. Crafting from white macchiett marble and versylis marble makes the item solid and appealing to the eye. The ‘Tina Paperholder’ is simple and unique while adding a layer of interest to your home or work desk.

Photos courtesy of WallpaperSTORE*