The award-winning maker of audio devices announced a new line of in-ear headphones: Forza, Forza Metallo and Forza Metallo Wireless.


V-MODA‘s Forza, Italian for ‘force’, collection was designed to withstand the elements while still being versatile enough for everyday use like commuting and exercising.

As a collection, the Forza products feature a newly developed 5.8mm micro dynamic driver Hi-Res Audio certified by the Japan Audio Society, a futuristic sweat-resistant technology, patent-pending sport fins for hybrid sport performance and the world’s first jewel-grade 3D printing customization of in-ears.

“It took years of precise engineering to develop this 5.8mm miniature dynamic driver size without sacrificing V-MODA’s world-class sound and quality standards,” says Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO. “To make the Forza lineup perfect for the active audiophile, it was critical to balance amazing sound with the ultimate ergonomics, fit and stability. The micro driver enables you to customize the product with your choice of new patent-pending ActiveFlex sport fins or spectacular 3D printed customization.”

Forza products are customizable via 3D Printed custom caps. The first collection of 3D caps features the Milanese designs Steam Punk, V-MODA Logo and Lion Head with more to come. The cap materials offered are platinum, (up to $7,500), 14k gold (up to $2,500), gold-plated (up to $250) and the HD Acrylic for $40.

“In June 2015 we merged, for the first time in consumer electronics’ history, mass customization with jewel-grade 3D printing,” says Kolton. “Now we’re bringing additive manufacturing to in-ear headphones with our first collection of 3D printed custom caps.  Not only can you remix your design, but you can optimize the design with an enhanced tailored fit.”

Forza Metallo uses ultra-lightweight hex metal alloy housing to deliver unique, balanced sound featuring vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious highs with an unparalleled 3D Soundstage. Forza Metallo is offered in gunmetal black and rose gold for Apple devices and Samsung+Android products for $130.00.

Forza Metallo Wireless is the high-performance and ultra-sleek headphone featuring military-level durability, sweat- and weather-resistant technology, noise-cancelling dual microphones, iOS Battery indicator and more. Forza Metallo Wireless will be available in gunmetal black and white silver for $170.00 this December.

Forza is the hybrid sport active in-ear headphone that delivers Hi-Res Audio and can withstand the elements. It is available in black, white and orange for Apple and Samsung+Android devices for $100.00.

Photos courtesy Luca Bolognesi