Appetizing images creatively pair color and food.

When social media marketer Lucia Litman moved to California, she was blown away by the colorful variety of fresh produce that was now available to her. Pleasantly surprised by her new normal, Litman, who also goes by her nickname Lucy, began to document her encounters with fruits and vegetables on her Instagram page.

“There were fruits I hadn’t heard of and vegetables that came in colors I didn’t know was even possible,” she says.

In search of a way to get a larger audience excited about healthy food, she started a series of “#PantonePosts” — a blend of design, nutrition and lighthearted appreciation for everyday luxuries.

Lucy aims to match fruits, vegetables and other foods to Pantone swatches as closely as possible. Captivating her followers with strikingly similar pairings, she not only features superfoods, but some treats as well. Everything from leafy greens to chocolate-covered fortune cookies has made an appearance, as well as some inedible, but naturally beautiful phenomena like sunsets and flowers.

“I don’t try and push any sort of diet on people, which I think is important,” she says.  “There are so many people out there who say that ‘x diet’ is the best, when in reality, it really depends on your body. So I just hope that my photos can bring people together and make them appreciate food and be able to enjoy it online without being preached at about a certain diet or lifestyle.”

Despite her carefully curated page that suggests she’s a professional artist, Lucy describes her popularity as “a big surprise.”

“It started off as just a hobby, but I get so excited anytime someone shares my work and it makes me so happy to know that people enjoy it,” she says.

Photos courtesy of Lucia Litman via Instagram.